Around the World: Ferguson protests continues to lead Canadian world pages

By Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

For a second straight day, the civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., that followed a grand jury decision not to lay criminal charges against the policeman who fatally shot Michael Brown in August continued to lead Canadian world headlines.

The National Post ran its coverage above the fold on its front page under the headline ‘‘‘Hands up’ across America.’’ The story was reported by Tom Blackwell from the ground in Ferguson. The report had a throw to the inside.

J-Source IRBCBC kicked off its online world section Wednesday with an analysis piece penned by Neil Macdonald. The piece by the Washington correspondent ran under the headline ‘‘America’s Ferguson protests put police authority on trial’’ and featured a Reuters photograph showing a row of police officers in riot gear.

The Toronto Star ran its Ferguson coverage on page A3. The story by Washington correspondent Mitch Potter took the headline ‘‘2,000 troops deployed to stop mayhem.’’ Potter’s report had a Ferguson placeline.

CTV News featured an Associated Press report among Wednesday’s top stories on the online world section. The story recapped the latest developments from Missouri and events since the August shooting of Michael Brown.

The Globe and Mail led its online world section with the piece ‘‘Ferguson at the centre of a deeply divided America.’’ The story was reported by Paul Koring and had a Washington placeline. Koring’s report focused on U.S. President Barack Obama and whether or not he is going to visit Ferguson.

Global News ran an AP piece under the headline ‘‘National Guard reinforcements help to contain Ferguson protests.’’ The story was reported by Jim Salter and Jim Suhr and featured both a video and a bullet-point list of the latest developments from Ferguson.

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