Around the world: Growing tensions in Israel leads Canadian world headlines

J-Source IRBBy Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Reports from Associated Press, detailing growing tensions between Israel and Palestine and the sentencing of a South Korean skipper for his role in the country’s worst marine disaster, led many Canadian world headlines Tuesday.

The Globe and Mail, the National Post, CTV News and the Toronto Star all prominently featured Associated Press items about the upsurge in tension following two deadly attacks Monday.

The Globe and Mail ran the report on top of its online world section under the headline ‘‘Israel tightens security in major cities, West Bank after deadly Palestinian attack.’’ The story was reported by Peter Enav and detailed the growing hostility between Israel and Palestine after the attacks.

The National Post similarly featured an AP story by Peter Enav on its online world section. The story ran under the headline ‘‘Israeli woman killed in West Bank stabbing spree, Palestinian suspect shot and wounded’’ and included both a video and photographs.

Coverage from the same AP reporter topped the CTV News online world section, running under the headline: ‘‘Clashes erupt in West Bank; Palestinian protester killed.’’  Enav was also the go-to source for The Toronto Star, which ran the story on page A2 under the headline ‘‘Deadly attacks raise tensions in Israel.’’

CBC kicked-off its online world section with a report on the sentencing of a South Korean ferry captain, handed a 36 year term for his role in the deaths of more than 300 people when his ship capsized in April. The story was reported by AP and took the headline ‘‘South Korea captain avoids death penalty in Sewol ferry disaster.’’

Global News ran the same AP piece among the news outlet’s top stories on its online world section. The story ran under the headline ‘‘S. Korean ferry captain gets 36 years in prison’’ and featured a photo of captain Lee Joon-seok in a green jump suit.

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