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By Brennan Reid, Student Lounge Editor 

Here are some of the must-reads about how Canadian media covered the shooting in Ottawa.

Anderson Cooper aghast when reporter asks him to take selfie near Ottawa shooting scene

On Wednesday night, a young Sun Media journalist, Vandon Gene, asked CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to take a photo by the war memorial, to which Cooper said no, and that it was “wildly inappropriate.” Gene is no longer a part of Sun Media, according to executive producer Matt Wolf.

Bruce MacKinnon’s war memorial cartoon touches hearts worldwide 

An editorial cartoon, published by the Chronicle Herald, in Halifax, drawn by cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon drew international attention. It reached the top of popular websites such as and and trended on Twitter.

Ottawa shooting witness from inside Parliament: ‘There is still an active shooter. Get down’

A first-hand account of what happened on the day of the shooting by Justin Ling, a freelance journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, who was locked inside Parliament during the attacks and subsequent lock-down.

Mr. Mansbridge, can you please narrate my life?

Tabatha Southey, a columnist for The Globe and Mail, reflects on CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge’s performance and coverage of the Ottawa shootings.

‘I don’t know who made the decision, it was a massive movement’

Fifteen Hill journalists and Parliamentary Press Gallery staff members escaped through a window and climbed down construction scaffolding just minutes after gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was shot dead one floor below them, the Hill Times reported.

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