Toronto Standard gets out of news

By Carys Mills

When the Toronto Standard launched in the spring of 2011, the online publication described itself as “a daily, digital briefing on the life of the city, covering urban affairs, business, technology, culture and design—and all the sparks that happen in between.”

Now, more than three years later, a note on the website said the publication is getting out of daily news.

“Between three dailies and a host of other local websites focused on the city’s most important news, we feel this is not an area where we can uniquely excel at and deliver value to our readers,” read the Standard’s last post, an Oct. 31 note on “the future of Toronto Standard.”Toronto Standard

The publication isn’t going away, the note said, but will focus on three new areas.

In a series of emails with J-Source last week, an editor who didn’t give his or her name replied to an interview request by saying he or she was travelling.

“The change is about renewed focus on trying to do certain things really well that our target audience is asking for…more focused on that not revenue,” the editor wrote.

The Standard’s note said its future focus will be on profiles of “creative individuals” and “remarkable products and experiences they create that can provide a positive jolt to your life.”

Asked for examples and whether sponsored content will be involved, the editor wrote: “Not gonna give an example until the site changes are complete(.)”

A third focus mentioned in the publication’s note was a new social forum called StandardTalks, to connect digital and real-world communities. The editor wrote that a schedule will be released in December and a launch is planned for January.

A new version of the website is set to launch on Jan. 1, with a renewed focus on mobile and video, but readers will see a hint of the direction online this month, the note said.

Carys MillsCarys Mills has worked as a reporter for The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Windsor Star and Ottawa Citizen. She graduated from Ryerson University’s undergraduate journalism program in 2011 with a minor in politics.

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