Why undervaluing young journalists is a big mistake

By Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor

Business journalist Karen Ho tweeted about how the media industry treats young journalists poorly and what she sees as the unfortunate ramifications of such treatment.

Her tweet rant hit a nerve with many journalists.

J-Source asked Ho to share what prompted her Twitter rant. Here’s what she said:

“What I wrote about isn’t just tied to young or early-career journalists—it was also about women, diversity, new ideas and how often all of those things/groups get shut down, discouraged or diminished because of systemic conditions and attitudes in the industry.

“To use a finance term, the return on investment on grinding it out is dramatically lower
than it used to be.

“I also try to pay attention to a lot of journalists and media organizations in the United States and abroad. I’ve found that the sheer size of the U.S. means there are more opportunities for women, new media, data journalism and ‘atypical’ perspectives. There are also more scholarships and support available for minorities.

“Finally, I read a lot lately about the rise of PR. Having come from it myself and [am] someone who now writes about money, I understand why people make the switch, especially those considering having kids in the very near future or who want to buy a house.

“I also feel like the journalism industry isn’t reacting proactively enough to make a compelling case for why people, especially women, should stay.”

Incidentally, Ho was recently awarded the SAJA-Knowledge@Wharton Scholarship, which is designed to enhance the quality of minority business journalism.

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