This project wouldn’t have been possible without:

  • Elizabeth Hanson, Patti McLeod, Lois Moorcroft, Elaine Taylor, Jan Stick and Kate White
  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • The James H. Carter Foundation
  • Denise Leschart and the rest of the NDP staff
  • Rory Wadham and the rest of the Yukon Party staff
  • Marten Berkman and Robertson Bales of the Digital Assets and Photography branch of Government of Yukon
  • Yukon Archives
  • The staff and faculty of the Ryerson journalism department
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Joyce Smith
  • April Lindgren
  • Sandy Mayzell
  • Eleanor Millard
  • Audrey McLaughlin
  • Pat Duncan
  • Jenn Roberts
  • Beverly Gray
  • Nancy Peckford
  • Floyd McCormick
  • Joyce Hayden
  • Jane Arscott
  • Nelson Wiseman
  • Graham White
  • Mike Doering for his continuous encouragement
  • My friends and family who have been so supportive and helpful in the creation of this project
  • Merci surtout à mes parents qui n’ont cesser de m’encourager

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